Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville believed that equality was the great political and social idea of his era and America offers the best example of advance equality in action. He admires the idea of individualism in America, but he thinks individuals can easily be lost trying to fit in, resulting in their individual rights being compromised. He was truly impressed with the stability of the economy and how religion was made an important sector. America to him was an irony because it was a freedom loving country that had people as slaves and mistreated the Native Americans who were already there. Tocqueville feels the greatest threat and downfall of democracy in America is the tyranny of the majority where the majority will always have the say of how things will go. He thinks the voices of the minorities would be suppressed and they might intimidate others to not participate politically. Even though Americans did not necessarily do public sectors they did create private associations for people to join groups they thought they belonged to.

Unlike any World War II

Unlike any World War II book I have ever read, With the Old Breed is a first person account of the Pacific Campaign in Peleliu and Okinawa. Even though it was written after the war finished for E.B. Sledge, this book is rich in detail. While many history classes, including this one, talk about a general overview of World War II, the depth of detail in this book cannot be matched by a lecture. As a 60mm mortarman, E.B. Sledge was on the frontline of this brutal war, offering a unique perspective to readers. In this review, I will be discussing its application to our class, my likes and dislikes of the account, and the author’s intended message.

New Policy to Restrict CSULB Students

Modern technology plays an important part of our daily lives as college students. Thanks to all the technological advances the university community has the ability to communicate more efficiently and to receive access to information instantly; however, despite all the benefits provided by screen-based devices (SBD) in the classroom, multitasking has become a problem for both the youth and adults as our attention seems to keep wandering back to our devices. CSULB as an advanced educational institution, should implement a unified policy since SBD have been known to be potentially detrimental to individuals’ higher-level thinking. Therefore, students should not be allowed to use personal screen-based devices during lecture time since these technological devices only create distractions and do not help to implement their academic performance efficiently.